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The Mango Balloon single and video

The lead single from The Mango Balloon, Volume 2 is ‘Dancing On My Own Grave’. Featuring Julian Curwin on electric guitar, Jess Ciampa on vibes, and the album’s special guest Brian Campeau on vocals and acoustic guitar.

The song also has a brand new video, directed by Reanne Potter – watch it now.

The album is out through Romero Records, and will be launched November 10 at Venue 505.


The Mango Balloon, Volume 2

Volume 2 of this Tango Saloon ‘spin-off’ project is ready to go, and will be released by Romero Records and launched on November 10th at Venue 505.

The album features 6 members from The Tango Saloon in various configurations, plus special guest vocalist/guitarist Brian Campeau!

‘Shadows & Fog’ SMH Review

The Tango Saloon ‘Shadows & Fog’ (Romero/Newmarket)

Review in The Sydney Morning Herald, 18th May 2012 by John Shand

The brilliant Deadwood aside, westerns have been sadly out of favour on our TV screens, but not on our sound systems. The latest round-up from The Tango Saloon blurs genres even further than before, with a distinct film-noir element now darkening the tumbleweeds and showdowns. Eeriness and sophisticated humour become as entangled as heatwaves and sand in a lonely desert. Julian Curwin can carve a third notch in his guitar for another victory over the evil forces of musical predictability. His scowling gang includes Marcello Maio (keyboards), Mark Harris (bass), Danny Heifetz (drums) and Jess Ciampa (percussion). They launch it tonight at the Factory Theatre with Romero stablemates Darth Vegas.

Shadows & Fog

The Tango Saloon’s long-awaited third album ‘Shadows & Fog’ is finally being released.

The band has always blended tango and spaghetti western sounds with other elements such as film scores, rock, gypsy, jazz and electronics. On ‘Shadows & Fog’, the tango really takes a back seat to these other elements. Following in the dark footsteps of ‘Transylvania’, the new album is something of a film noir score, conjuring images of figures lurking in the shadows, a midnight rendez-vous, a heist gone bad, betrayals and double-crosses…

The album features 10 of Australia’s finest instrumentalists, plus special guest vocalist Elana Stone on first single ‘Femme Fatale’.

Released by new label Romero Records, and launched in April at The Factory in Marrickville.