Shadows & Fog

The Tango Saloon’s long-awaited third album ‘Shadows & Fog’ is finally being released.

The band has always blended tango and spaghetti western sounds with other elements such as film scores, rock, gypsy, jazz and electronics. On ‘Shadows & Fog’, the tango really takes a back seat to these other elements. Following in the dark footsteps of ‘Transylvania’, the new album is something of a film noir score, conjuring images of figures lurking in the shadows, a midnight rendez-vous, a heist gone bad, betrayals and double-crosses…

The album features 10 of Australia’s finest instrumentalists, plus special guest vocalist Elana Stone on first single ‘Femme Fatale’.

Released by new label Romero Records, and launched in April at The Factory in Marrickville.

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