This one time, at Bandcamp…

As part of Romero Records moving their catalogue over to Bandcamp, two of our releases have this week been made available: ‘The Mango Balloon: Volume 2’, featuring Brian Campeau, and ‘In Black And White’ featuring Elana Stone.

While you’re over there please feel free to also check out some related artists that have recently made their way to Bandcamp – The Fantastic Terrific Munkle and Gauche.

tmb2   ibaw   munk   siesta


  1. With all the Tango and Mango variations and side groups is safe to say that we will not have the pleasure of ever hearing a third Darth Vegas cd?

    1. Hi there, Darth Vegas is largely the brainchild of Michael Lira, who now spends much of his time outside of Australia – which could make it difficult but I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out…

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