Big thanks to The Music for premiering The Tango Saloon’s new video ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’. Directed by Julian Shaw (also responsible for the band’s first video ‘In Black And White‘), the video also features Shaw acting alongside vocalist Elana Stone. Check it out!

New album ‘Suspicion’ is launched March 12 at The Basement in Sydney, with a followup show April 16 at Django Bar in Marrickville.

Don't Close Your Eyes

New album, and more…

October 8, 2014

We’re very happy to announce that The Tango Saloon’s 4th album ‘Suspicion’ is now complete, and will see the light of day early 2015. We also have another video clip on the way, again directed by Julian Shaw (director of the amazing In Black And White) and featuring vocalist Elana Stone in a very interesting role. More details on both coming soon…

video still

The Mango Balloon, Volume 3 received a great review from John Shand in Spectrum (Sydney Morning Herald) last weekend. 4 and a half stars, and much great praise for all involved! The Mango Balloon (including the album’s special guest Shenzo Gregorio) plays tonight at Foundry 616 in Ultimo. Read the review here.

The Mango Balloon


Romero Records is very happy to announce the brand new single for The Tango Saloon, ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ featuring vocalist Elana Stone. This is the second single to be released ahead of the band’s forthcoming fourth album, following on from last year’s ‘In Black And White’ (and its stunning video clip directed by Julian Shaw).

The official launch is June 5 at Venue 505 (280 Cleveland St Surry Hills), featuring Elana Stone, and supported by the inimitable gypsy punk trio Mr Bamboo. Book tickets.

Don't Close Your Eyes

The Mango Balloon, Volume 3

February 3, 2014

Romero Records is very happy to announce the release of Volume 3 of Julian Curwin’s The Mango Balloon series. Developed in 2010 as a stripped-back version of The Tango Saloon, the smaller band has quickly taken on a life of its own.

Each recording has a special guest bringing their personality to the music, and on Volume 3 that guest is Shenzo Gregorio, best known for playing ‘stunt violin’ in his project Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra (essentially, he flies!). With The Mango Balloon, Shenzo plays viola, and keeps his feet firmly on the ground, though still manages to bring plenty of fireworks to the occasion.

Volume 3 is officially launched March 19 at Venue 505.

Hear a preview of a few tracks.

The Mango Balloon Volume 3

The Mango Balloon Volume 3 will be released very soon, but in the meantime here’s a little bonus track from the ‘Mango Balloon 2 Sessions’ featuring Brian Campeau.

Check it out (with minimal visuals) on youtube, or high quality download from bandcamp.

La Isla Bonita

Romero Records is very happy to announce the release of ‘In Black And White: Remixed’, two reworkings of the recent single by The Tango Saloon with vocalist Elana Stone. Tales In Space gives the song an ambient groovy quality reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, while Hermitude’s Luke Dubs goes for a more minimalist spooky jungle feel.

‘Remixed’ will be digitally released via Bandcamp on September 9, in the meantime please feel free to check out the ‘Luke Dubs Psychedelic Remix’ here.

The Tango Saloon 'In Black And White: Remixed'

The Tango Saloon’s launch for the ‘In Black And White’ video has received an amazing review from John Shand for The Sydney Morning Herald! Some highlights:

“This, quite simply, is one of Australia’s best bands and yet as superb as the eight players and singer are, Julian Curwin’s brilliant compositions are the ultimate stars.

“Put this band on any stage anywhere in the world and the audience will be engrossed as well as amused.”

Read the full review here.

The Tango Saloon

Finally, we unleash the brand new video for ‘In Black And White’, featuring Elana Stone! Official launch party August 11 at Camelot Lounge…

Elana Stone

The official launch of ‘In Black And White’ is May 17 at FBi Social (Level 2, 244-248 William St Kings Cross). We’ve got the single’s special guest Elana Stone joining us, and we’ll be supported by La Tarantella and Little Fox.

More info and presales here, details and a sneak preview of the single here.

In Black And White


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